Pet Wellness and Therapy Centre

Your connection to overall pet health!

I've loved every minute of my journey, and I cannot wait to continue with your family.

An Idea is Born

If you are here, you understand why I chose to pursue natural solutions. Our family has had many pets throughout the years, but none compared to our departed Bronwyn. She went through so many health issues and we were always giving medication. She suffered through hip problems, knee problems, allergies, depression and finally, cancer. We did everything we were told to but there was always the want to do more. 

Our First Step

Natural Body Healing. I registered to The Canine Bowen Institute to learn how to heal with my hands. The energy I feel and the results I see from working on pets with my hands is just incredible. The best part though is watching the change from week to week on pets who struggled with mobility issues. The change in their mood and interactions has been enlightening to say the least.

Learning Continues Everyday

Healthy living is constantly evolving. I am constantly upgrading my education with seminars and workshops. If you are interested in some of my experiences please feel free to ask!