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Client Stories

Chloe started Bowen Therapy with Jocelyn in late spring of 2016. Chloe has always had a slight limp in her back legs and it increases in severity when we go for longer or several walks. I decided to try Bowen with her to see if anything would really change. After the first couple of sessions with Jocelyn she was able to show me things I had never seen before with Chloe’s walking patterns. Once we finished all of our sessions it was amazing to see what the Bowen really did for Chloe. What I really enjoyed about the experience is that there was video proof of what the therapy was doing for her. I would recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone that has tried traditional medicine on their pets and has not seen the results they were looking for. Jocelyn truly cares about her clients (both human and animal) and trying to fix the issues at hand.

C. Moody

This is my experience with Murphy.

Murphy is so special. I met him at an adopt-a-thon, and he was not a happy pup. When I first met him, he was curled up shaking in his holding cage. Dogs were barking, it was cold and wet, and poor Murphy just wasn't coping well.

Our team of ABP practitioners in training offered our services to help ease the tension of a very stressful situation. I was paired up with Murphy.

After grabbing a leash and blanket we made our way into an area designated for us. Murphy walked with his head low, tail curled under. He was very timid, and his eyes were darting around everywhere.

Our plan: a few rounds of Response 5. This is the simplest form of Bowen, 5 moves that address the whole body. we did this 4 times - approximately 30-40 minutes.

The smile says it all. Murphy started to relax. He started to feel calm in his surroundings (in spite of a very busy pet store!) Murphy started to stretch and lay on the blankets we had around the room.

Looking at the pictures makes me smile and teary eyed. I helped him feel better. I helped his body let go of the fear of a new situation. We forget emotions wreak havoc on the body. I was able to help.

When we returned to his designated crate he was reluctant to go in, but he was no longer trembling. He was relaxed and ready to meet his new family. That day, Murphy got a home.

I love how simple this treatment is. It can be done anywhere, and it works.

Jocelyn - Owner, Pet Wellness & Therapy

Our senior dog, Shelby was your typical old dog. He laid in bed and slept. He struggled to get out of bed and had accepted his limitations. We had Jocelyn perform Bowen for 8 weeks and truly have a different dog. He shows interest in playing and loves to go for walks again. 

Flynn Family