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Animal Bowen Physiotherapy

What is Bowen?

Bowen Physiotherapy treats the connective tissue of the body. By lightly touching the skin’s surface and rolling our fingers or hands across this tissue, we start to witness changes in the body. How is this possible?

By stimulating this layer of tissue, we are encouraging fluid movement throughout the fascia. This system exists throughout different levels of the body from top to bottom - uninterrupted. It surrounds our muscles and organs in one large interconnected web. Once the fascia starts to move, we see the body start to heal, and we see easier movement where there was once difficulty. 

Can Bowen help my pet?

Since we treat this large interconnected system, we see great results with many different types of concerns. These include:
Autoimmune disorders
Digestive issues
Ease of going up and down stairs
Ease getting in and out of car
Elbow dysplasia
Foot Knuckling
Herniated discs
Hip dysplasia
Joint stiffness 
Leaky bladder
Muscle spasms
Roached back
Stifle(knee) injury
Stress & Anxiety
Sprains and Strains
Spine misalignment
Shoulder injury
Stroke recovery 
Poor coat condition 
Weight Concerns
Pre-surgery comfort
Post surgery mobility recovery
Sudden injury
Long standing injury
Neurological disorder 
... The list goes on!

Treatment Options:

Whole Body Balance

Includes Four 1 Hour Sessions

Whole Body Balance is designed to gently reset the whole body. W.B.B. addresses the whole body from nose to tail. Your pet is not asked to do any work, instead I work on the body in a similar fashion as massage - only with lighter touch to stimulate fascia communication. 

 This package is $100.
Additional Whole body sessions are $30.

Response 5

Includes Three 30 Minute Sessions Within 10 Days

This program is designed to address recent injuries and aid the body in healing. It is repeated several times within 30 minutes to reset the body as soon as possible.

This package is $75.
Additional Response 5 sessions $30.

Specialized Treatment Plans

Includes Four 60-90 Minute Sessions 

This program is designed to address specific concerns in your pet's mobility. Treatments will vary from session to session to address the areas your pet needs them most.  This is the most common choice for families who already have a veterinary diagnosis.

This package is $125. 
Additional Specialized Sessions are $30.

Still not sure if Bowen is the right solution? 

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